Mini Skid Steer loader Attachments mini Trencher

Hydraulic Flow Requirements    45L/min

Operating Pressure     21MPa

Weight 283kg

Trenching Width


Trenching Depth


Details About Mini Skid Steer loader Attachments mini Trencher

COUGAR Machinery offers extremely high quality equipment at affordable prices. Ideal for professional and trade applications, when buying COUGAR brand you can rest assured you’re getting a heavy duty proven design that won’t let you down.


The COUGAR mini loader post hole digger kit comes with everything you need to convert your mini loading into a hole boring machine. The kit includes the hydraulic drive head with hoses as well as 3 augers (100mm, 300mm and 600mm sizes). Like all COUGAR equipment, this auger unit is extremely high quality suited to commercial and trade applications.

Ideal for people building fences, barns, installing posts and polls. This unit makes digging holes simple and fast. When coupled to the COUGAR mini loader, you will easily dig through the toughest ground. If using this auger set with other machines, be sure to check your loaders hydraulic pressure and flows to save disappointment. COUGAR machines come standard with a high performance hydraulic system which allows them to use larger, more demanding attachments.


Trencher Specifications
Weight ~180 kg
Dimensions 1555 x 1010 x 865mm
Attachment Hitch Overall size: 1200mm W x 395mm H
Pin centre to Pin centre: 830 mm
Pin hole width: 120 mm
Hydraulic Connections Compatible with DNP flat faced connections
Hydraulic Flow 70-115L/min
Trenching Depth 800mm
Trenching Width 155mm
Rotational Speed 300-460 rpm
Warranty 12 months

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