MINI SKID STEER LOADER ATTACHMENTS Lifting Jib Tow Ball Hitch Tree Carrier

Type: Mini SkidSteer Loader
Moving Type: Earth-moving Loader
重量 1069 kg
尺寸 197 × 110 × 130 mm




Rated Load







25 HP


Kubota Diesel

Details About MINI SKID STEER LOADER ATTACHMENTS Lifting Jib Tow Ball Hitch Tree Carrier

Multi Plate Option Lifting Jib Tow Ball Hitch Tree Carrier
Weight Limiit Positions 1 – 7

(1) 200kg, (2) 185kg, (3) 165kg,

(4) 135kg, (5) 110kg, (6) 95kg,

(7) 70kg

720kg traction 200kg
Attachment Length 1000mm 350mm 585mm
Attachment Weight 64.5kg 47.5kg 53.5kg
Steel Thickness 18mm 18mm 18mm
Hydraulic Connections N/A N/A N/A
Features Includes bow shackle Includes 50mm tow ball Includes U-bracket
Warranty 12 months 12 months 12 months

When working with machinery, equipment quality should not be compromised, cheap copy machines breakdown costing you money. COUGAR only use the highest quality materials making them a machine for life. Ensure you’re getting genuine branded equipment, not some Chinese copy.

COUGAR  Machinery offers extremely high quality equipment at affordable prices. Ideal for professional and trade applications, when buying COUGAR  brand you can rest assured you’re getting a heavy duty proven design that won’t let you down. A superior, multipurpose mini loader attachment with 3 functions; tow ball hitch, lifting jib and tree trunk lifter.


Attachment includes:

  • Multi purpose back plate / hitch
  • Tow ball hitch
  • Lifting jib
  • Tree stump / trunk lifter


The COUGAR  range of mini loaders are proving to be the most versatile mini loader on the market and the huge range of accessories and attachments allows more and more trades to take advantage of the full capabilities from a single machine.

The COUGAR  Machinery mini loader multi purpose plate lends itself to a range of applications. Built off the highly successful COUGAR  triple ripper attachment, it offers 3 positions with 3 different attachment options. The tow ball hitch is great for maneuvering caravans, boats, trailers, equipment trailers and other trailer mounted machinery into tight positions and around construction sites.  The tree carrier is simple to use via the large adjustable U-bracket. Easily carry and relocate trees and trunks up to 200kg. Finally, the lifting jib offers 7 different positions of attachment. Ideal for many types of lifting application up to 200kg.

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